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Who Is Allyson

The name Allyson means, noble, gracious, extra-ordinary, virtuous, of excellent quality; all of which she truly personifies. Allyson is a high spirited, energetic, bubbly person who is full of life, love and happiness. Her music exuberates her love for God, herself, her family and people of all nations, creeds and tongues. Allyson’s talent of singing and writing is a God given gift of inheritance deeply rooted in her family tree. Her vocal training began in her family and extended into the confines of the Church of God in Christ denomination, Glee Club & School Chorus. She has worked on several musical projects and concerts for William Johnson & Echo, B. Alexander McCargo, Ernest Pugh, Deonna LaShena as well as others. Allyson has leaped into the next step of faith with the release of Simply Allyson.


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